Rethinking Traditional Asset Allocation

Historically, traditional investment strategies that diversify across asset classes have provided an effective way to manage the market's peaks and troughs. But, severe market declines in recent years have challenged conventional wisdom.

Wide scale catastrophic market events create panic among investors resulting in devastating portfolio losses that undermine long-term savings objectives. Often referred to as "left tail" events--the U.S. S&L crisis in 1989, the Asian Financial crisis of 1997 and the 2008 subprime crisis--these previously low-probability events are occurring with greater frequency than in the past.

Sidecar Timeline

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This new market reality has left investors questioning equity exposure and fueled demand for strategies better suited to the "new" investment climate. Sidecar Capital Management's Hedged Equity Index Option Strategy can help you pursue above average long-term returns while mitigating the risks associated with market crises.

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